Growing Your People Asset.

Staffordshire Chambers of Commerce Training Course, 20th March 2017

In today’s world of uncertainty, you may think that anyone who has a paid job should be grateful. Anything beyond that, concerning how well people are treated at work, how much job satisfaction they receive, and work-life balance might be interpreted as dispensable nice-to-haves’ for more predictable times. As a business owner, or manager, we can easily become immersed in day-to-day business survival without speculating on whether our most valuable commodity, our people asset, can keep on going the extra mile.’ When there’s deadlines to meet, having those conversations with individuals that might be struggling for the first time, can easily but put-off, especially if we anticipate a can of worms. Yet is this really sustainable? Could we be at risk of loosing our best asset by failing to plan for the longer-term?

Sickness absence is currently costing UK business £9billion a year1. We also know that the longer we are off-sick the harder it is get back to work, especially when it exceeds 4 weeks. Since small and medium enterprises make up 99.9% of UK employers, it is SMEs that are taking the brunt of these costs. So what can we do about it? How can we safeguard against loosing valuable members of staff?

Thankfully, we don’t need to invest huge financial resource to secure business sustainability via the commitment, competency and energy levels of our workforce. But we do need chance to think it through. Give yourself that opportunity by coming along to our course Growing your People Asset”. Open to anyone with responsibility for managing staff welfare (e.g. business owner, line manager, HR or H&S manager) it is designed to give you chance to plan a more strategic long-term approach to managing workforce resilience. The course provides opportunity to utilise practical resilience tools, in a safe non-business critical setting.

These tools include developing know-how on:

  • Taking a reliable pulse of current resilience levels in the workplace.

  • Using this as a platform for tailoring improvements to workforce and business needs.
  • Using business level solutions to do with workload organisation, managing change, pacing, decision making, worker involvement, and reward and recognition.
  • Fine tuning resilient leadership skills such as having constructive conversations, noticing and tackling changes in team dynamics, delegation, managing in people contact time, and self-preservation.
  • Developing Individual skills concerning managing energy levels, problem solving and proactivity.
  • Developing action plans for applying solutions to the day-to-day reality of your business.

This course is offered by experienced Chartered Work Psychologists with a track record of developing evidence-based solutions that work in business. Join us to find a way forward for making your business more sustainable by keeping your people asset resilient. That way they can stay effective in the face of uncertain times.

1: DWP. Improving Lives. The Work, Health and Disability Green Paper, 2015

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